Is this a real holiday? Or just...


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Is it just another fairy tale?

Santa Claus Tooth Fairy Easter Bunny

These are empty celebrations!

Everybody knows the Easter Bunny isn't real... ...but would it surprise you to know that EVEN the "religious" Easter is an empty celebration?

The cross is empty!

Easter is a celebration of the fact that the cross is now empty!

"It is finished!" Jesus did ALL  that was needed to save you!

The cross is empty…and yet it is full of God’s promises!

Easter is a celebration of the fact that the tomb is now empty!

The world gives us promises full of emptiness. God makes our emptiness be full of promise!

Silly rabbit…eggs aren’t for kids!  Rather, it’s all about an empty tomb…full of promises for all who would be God’s children.

Do you have an empty life?

If you are not experiencing God’s presence in your life, it may be that you’re not “empty” enough! 

God specializes in filling emptiness! Allow Him to empty you of sin and fill you with His Spirit.

The joy that the world has to offer is just temporary…it always runs out, the result is emptiness.

Real ‘fulfill’ment comes when we’re empty of our own desires and make Jesus our heart’s desire.

Pray to God: “I am a sinner, in need of you, the Savior. I believe you paid for my sins on the cross, and then conquered death when you rose again. I ask you to forgive all my sins, and save my soul right now. I trust in you alone as my way to heaven.”

Now, God  [who cannot lie]  has made you a promise, and it's not an empty promise: Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.