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  • Bundle of all 70 series we offer on our Flash Drive – right now by download for 85% off!
  • Includes new 2022 Topical and “Early Church” series for free, as well as ALL future series releases.
  • Equals about $4 per series [reg. $50 ea.]
  • Option:  Get this on Flash Drive for the same price.  [You can still download today while you wait for your order to arrive by mail.  No additional charge.  By request.]
  • Over 3,000 Word and PowerPoint sermon files for less than 10 cents each.
  • Recently added:  Early Church, Corinthians, Parables, Harmony of the Gospels, Revelation, 2021 Topical, Thessalonians.
  • Qualifies for PayPal’s free for 6 months, no payments, no interest.  Choose ‘Pay Later’ during checkout.  [Make sure and enter your email and you will receive further discounts]

This item can also be ordered by phone if you prefer, 24 hours a day.  217.620.3800

The price for this collection will have to increase at the end of the month because of the new series just added.